By Colin Scott | August 08, 2020 Top 5 Best Gold Bars To Buy For Investment- 2020 Ultimate Guide

If you are thinking about gold bars to buy for investment in this year than you must learn the following:

  • When you need to choose gold bars over gold coins?
  • What is the size of gold bar that you are going buy?
  • How you can borrow against gold bars?
  • Different types of gold bars

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins- Which one is good?

I hope that you considered many reasons before deciding on investment in gold and ready to buy gold. But the main question is what gold to buy for investment? First of all, it is important to know whether to buy gold bars or buy gold coins. This might help you…

Can You Buy Gold Bars?

Many valid reasons force to decide to buy gold bars instead of gold coins.

Gold bars are much low-cost than gold coins and that’s why most people invest in gold bars. Gold coins required more designing and finishing work from the front and backside of the coin. These gold coins also need minting and machining process which increases their cost.

But if you need more profit from your gold than fascinating designing than gold bars are simply the best choice.

What Is The Best Size Gold Bar To Buy?

I know that you want to know the best size of the gold bar to buy. Gold bars are come in various sizes from 1 gram to 400 ounces. The general gold investors rule is the bigger the gold bar, the lesser its price. It means bigger gold bars are cheaper.

As we know that gold coins need more labor to produce than a gold bar. Similarly, a large gold bar needs more time and labor to cast it as a smaller bar. So the overall cost of both precious metals is equity the same, but larger bars consist of more gold.

This why the cost of a large gold bar such as 1 kilogram is much lower than 1 ounce of small gold bar. Different Gold Bar Sizes

Usually, 400 ounces and 1 kg of gold bars are considered as a value for money options. This is because you get more gold for the same amount of money. That’s why most of the investors, banks, and exchanges deal in 400-ounce gold bars. But there are some disadvantages also associated with large bars are mentioned below:

  • No Flexibility: Cutting 1 kg of the gold bar into parcel size smaller pieces is not easy work, and also hard to sell during financial requirements.
  • Counterfeiting: Large gold bars are more likely to target for counterfeiting because there are minor chances of counterfeiting in smaller 1 ounce of gold bars. To avoid such gold bar counterfeits, it is recommended to only deal with reputable gold dealers like Regal Assets.
  • Not Easy to Resale: Most of the buyers show interest to buy small bars of gold because they can’t afford 400 ounces of gold bar. So it is easy to sell a small gold bar as compared to the bigger gold bar.

Borrow Against Gold Bar

Generally, people secure gold as their financial insurance to tackle the financial crisis. At odd times, these people borrow money against their gold bar. For instance, you want to purchase a house, but you don’t want to sell your gold to get cash. In this scenario, you choose to borrow against your gold bar.

Top 5 Best Gold Bars To Buy For Investment

#1- Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Credit Suisse Gold Bars are best for those investors who want to buy a bulk amount of gold at the lowest price. There are numerous reasons behind the success of Credit Suisse Gold Bars such as, they are easy to transport and the quality of gold and minting are at the highest industry standards.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars consists of the highest quality of 99.99% fine gold and is approved for IRA investments. Due to its highest level of gold purity, Credit Suisse Gold Bars are one of the most popular and demanding product for the investment in the market.

#2- Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey is worldwide known as the oldest producer of precious metals. This company is established in the year 1817 and has 200 years old of history. Investors who want to buy gold bullion in bulk, it is best for them to buy 1 kg Johnson Matthey Gold Bar. John Matthey is well-known for their quality, trustworthy, and pure gold products.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are approved for IRA investments and it consists of 99.99% of gold purity like Credit Suisse Gold Bars. Johnson Matthey Company now discontinued the production of more gold bars and this can lead to an increase in the demand and price of Johnson Matthey Gold Bars. Adding these gold bars into your portfolio could be a smart decision.

#3- Perth Mint Gold Bars

The Perth Mint company is opened in 1899 as a branch of the London Royal Mint. The main reason behind the establishment of the Perth Mint is because of the discovery of various gold deposits in Australia. Until the year of 1931, Perth Mint produced around 100 million gold products and was worldwide known as the official manufacture of gold sovereigns.

Perth Mint Gold Bars are made from 99.99% gold purity and available in various sizes from ½ oz. up to 1,000 oz. The gold bar carries the LBMA-trusted hallmark and unique serial number which ensure the quality and weightage of gold. Perth Mint Gold Bars are packed in a “tempered-proof” display card which makes them more attractive than other gold bars.

#4 – Valcambi Gold CombiBar

Valcambi Gold CombiBars consists of 99.99% pure gold, which is equal to 24 karat purity of gold and known for the highest pure quality gold bars in the market. The best features of Valcambi Gold CombiBars are that they are easily broken into 50 pieces of 1 gram and provide excellent protection against the financial crisis where gold is required for the trade.

Valcambi Gold CombiBars are approved for IRA investments. The size and width of CombiBar® are the same as a credit card which makes them more portable, even easily fit into your wallet.

#5 – Engelhard Gold Bars

Engelhard Gold Bars are globally known for its quality and trustworthiness. Engelhard mints offer various gold products for every budget in different sizes ranging from 1 gram up to 1 kilo. The design is simple and classic featured a simple Engelhard logo that honors both American and Canadian history.

1 ounce of Engelhard Gold bars is much demandable and popular in between investors and collectors because they are easy to purchase. These Engelhard Gold Bars are the best option to secure your personal wealth against the uncertain economy and global stock markets. Mostly Engelhard Gold bars come with unique serial numbers and both Cast and mint forms are available.

Do you want to invest in Gold Bars through an IRA?

Did you know that invest in gold through your IRA or 401k is much easier? Yes, it is true! In this way, you not even get tax-advantages but also protect your portfolio from economic and political ups, downs. If you want to learn more about this fantastic news, we are recommended you to contact a reputable Gold IRA Company such as Regal Assets. The company is rated #No-1 among other precious metal IRA companies. You can get more information at our page Gold IRA Guide.